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Joomla BT Believe

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BT Believe is a template inspired by the need to express the esoteric energy hidden in us, the deep feeling of urgency for safety and understanding. BT Believe has a close relation to religious content, but it can also be very useful for presentation related categories, blogs or other types of content.


BT Believe 1.5

 BT adHome  CMS Joomla  BonusThemes

Joomla BT adHome

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BT adHome is a new dazzling template primarily built for professional estate agents. With adHome's flexible design you may also use it for a variety of other types of websites too. It is a Joomla! 1.5 native template and it is equipped with a variety of technologies that provide a very stylish user experience, a significant configuration flexibility for webmasters and content optimization settings for search engines.


BT adHome 1.5

 BT EasyGate  CMS Joomla  BonusThemes

Joomla BT EasyGate

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BT Easygate is the evolution of the popular Infogate. Just as Infogate introduced new technologies on organizing content, BT Easygate takes the innovation many steps forward into the Joomla! 1.5 world.


BT Easygate 1.5

 BT Corez  CMS Joomla  BonusThemes

Joomla BT Corez

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BT Corez is designed for webmasters who need to present a hi-tech content. It is equipped with scripts that create smooth animations and is designed with a rich contrast that creates an intense user experience. Its structure follows a number of technologies that makes it flexible in many different ways: organized CSS files and image directories, independent configuration files, collapsible module technology and more.


BT Corez 1.5