Шаблон IT Sporty для CMS Joomla от IceTheme

Шаблон Joomla IT Sporty

  • Совместим с Joomla 1.5
  • СтудияIceTheme
  • Добавлен01 мая, 2009
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Trying to always do our best, we have examining different types of designs for Joomla, which in return they all left impressed our members. For May they simply wanted a hot template, and IT Sporty was born. Making use of advanced design features like transparency, textures, extreme grid layout and lately Ajax our May template is one of highest quality and most beautiful Joomla template.

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  • Размер шаблона: 2.15
  • В архиве: IT_Sporty_template_1.5.zip, IT_Sporty_demo.zip, IT_Sporty_manual.pdf, IT_Sporty_source_files.zip
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