Шаблон JA Justicia для CMS Joomla от JoomlArt

Шаблон Joomla JA Justicia

  • Совместим с Joomla 1.5
  • СтудияJoomlArt
  • Добавлен18 сентября, 2007
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You are a designer looking for a good template for your showroom? Or a business man selling art works? Time to come, JA Justicia has been released. The design team keep it came in a simple and clean way, simple to use and simple to customize. Also they have integrated JA NewsMoo New! in the right position which give an all-brand-new and attractively look at your news.

  • Размер шаблона: 6.7
  • В архиве: JA_Justicia_extensions_1.5.zip, JA_Justicia_quickstart_1.5.15.zip, JA_Justicia_source_files.zip, JA_Justicia_template_1.5.zip
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