JS Simplicity  CMS Joomla  JoomlaShack
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JS Simplicity - Joomla template. Being one of the most flexible templates we've ever produced Simplicity is designed with both the beginner and advanced Joomla user in mind. Simplicty has been used on a wide variety of websites from, parents' portals and photo galleries to shopping carts and service industries.

 JS Relevant  CMS Joomla  JoomlaShack

Joomla JS Relevant

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JS Relevant - Joomla template. Joomla templates are fast becoming overloaded with widgets and code bloat. Relevant is a refreshingly clean template that let's your all important content speak for your site, and not get buried under a distracting template. Built to be SEO optimized and take subtle advantage of Joomla 1.5's template override features, Relevant will bring a professional finish to your site.

 JS Aqualine  CMS Joomla  JoomlaShack
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JS-Aqualine - Joomla template. This colorful design is intended for magazines, blogs, storefronts, news and other text driven sites which require more attention to typography, icons, and colors giving your site a more balanced and controlled look.

 JS Velvet  CMS Joomla  JoomlaShack
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JS Velvet - Joomla template. JS Velvet is a free Joomla template in red with a "red velvet-like" theme.

 JS Vectoria  CMS Joomla  JoomlaShack
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JS Vectoria - Joomla template. JS_Vectoria is a free bright blue colored "vector-based" design fixed width Joomla template optimized for 1024px and greater browser resolutions.