Шаблон JV Jaxar для CMS Joomla от JoomlaVision

Шаблон Joomla JV Jaxar

  • Совместим с Joomla 1.5
  • СтудияJoomlaVision
  • Добавлен01 октября, 2009
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Let's get closer look to JV Jaxar, 1st template from JoomVision in October. With the clean and professional layout, JV Jaxar will be suitable with almost website in any kind. With that spirit, we tried to put as much as posible positions and modules to JV Jaxar as well as layout space.

  • Размер шаблона: 12.44
  • В архиве: JV_Jaxar_quickstart_1.5.14.zip, JV_Jaxar_template_1.5.zip, JV_Jaxar_source_files.zip, JV_Jaxar_extensions_1.5.zip
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