NJ Draft {Blog}  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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Draft Blog, a sober and purified design r?hauss? with great blows of markers and brushes. This template is perfectly adapted if you wish to give an aspect blog to your Joomla!, which makes it possible to stress the editorial and illustrative contents.

 NJ Light Skills  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla

Joomla NJ Light Skills

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Light Skills, a luminous and futuristic design. This template is perfectly adapted for any type of projects, particularly for contents about new technologies, videogames and much more.

 NJ Tint-o-Color  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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In this August the template club proposes to you Tint-o-Color, a design sober and purified which uses only HTML colors, very few images is employed for this design. This template is perfectly adapted for any type of projects wishing to emphasize the editorial contents of the site.

 NJ Summer Week  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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Summer Week, a sober and purified design, perfectly adapted for your site directed notebooks of holidays or portfolio. That is with the sea, the mountain or the countryside you will be able to emphasize your more beautiful photographs and your more beautiful memories.

 NJ Wedding Time  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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The summer is often sign of love and of wedding, this month the template club is dressed to kill and proposes you WeddingTime, an elegant and ornamented design which adapt perfectly with the sites of ceremonial scale such as weddings, communions, baptisms or births.

 NJ Teckniks  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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Like all our others templates, this last makes it possible to combine at the same time the color, the contrast and the width of the site, as well as the options of folding up of the datum fields, which you can obtain more than one possible hundred variations.

 NJ Dust Graphik  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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DustGraphik is a template with dirty and maltreated graphics, in order to change with sober and glowing designs.This kind of template can be used for portfolio websites, artist blogs, graphic designers or so on. Its structure is conceived to promote its contents.

 NJ Black OS  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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Dust Light arbord worn and scraped design, ideal for the websites dedicated to the music for example. Green OS and Black OS, as for them arbord a technological and modern design more directed, easily adapted for a site dedicated to new technologies or the hardware.