NJ Musashi  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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Musashi is a template based on the country of the raising sun, it applies mainly to a Japanese environment but can be easily used for Asian websites.

 NJ Simplicity Dotted  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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Simplicity dotted is as its name indicates it a template to the sober and purified design. It can easily be associated sites of the blog types or be directed towards a set of themes news technologies.

 NJ RetroGraphix  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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RetroGraphix is a new technologies oriented template, its pure design can be adapted to many activities!

 NJ MyFlowers  CMS Joomla  NeoJoomla
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The template MyFlowers is to the nature, it is perfect for writers or poets.