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This month bonus Joomla! Template is YJ YouMomentum. Unique layout, beautiful WEB 2.0 style and something new under the hood too. YJSimple Grid Joomla! Template framework is in full development and YouMomentum gets to test it first. Native RTL , different columns width on specific menu item , flexible 3 x 5 module shelfs grid is just some of the features that are enhancing this one of a kind Joomla! cars template. YouMomentum comes with 7 unique styles , YouMomentum Slider , 21 module positions , additional module styles , K2 loaded with plenty of demo news items , flexible layout , RTL support, new template manager admin style and more.

  • : 17.54
  • : YJ_YouMomentum_quickstart_1.5.18.zip, YJ_YouMomentum_template_1.5.zip, YJ_YouMomentum_source_files.zip
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