Шаблон JV News II для CMS Joomla от JoomlaVision

Шаблон Joomla JV News II

  • Совместим с Joomla 1.5
  • СтудияJoomlaVision
  • Добавлен06 июня, 2010
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In order to continue JV News’ success with nearly 8000 download times, JV News II has been released as our sincere thanks to customers and friends who have followed up and supported us during the time. “Professional, beautiful, impressive and useful” is the first feeling when you browse to the live demo of the JV News II.

  • Размер шаблона: 26.88
  • В архиве: JV_News_II_quickstart_1.5.18.zip, JV_News_II_template_1.5.zip, JV_News_II_source_files.zip, JV_News_II_extensions_1.5.zip
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