Шаблон S5 Shopper Frenzy для CMS Joomla от Shape5

Шаблон Joomla S5 Shopper Frenzy

  • Совместим с Joomla 1.5
  • СтудияShape5
  • Добавлен01 апреля, 2009
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This template has everything you would ever need to start or redesign your online store! It comes packed with tons of goodies, custom column widths, six preset styles, 23 module positions, 4 module styles, eye catching design, customized Virtuemart theme to match the template, S5 Ultimate Drop Down and so much more!

  • Размер шаблона: 14.66
  • В архиве: S5_Shopper_Frenzy_template_1.5.zip, S5_Shopper_Frenzy_extensions_1.5.zip, S5_Shopper_Frenzy_source_files.zip, S5_Shopper_Frenzy_sql.zip, S5_Shopper_Frenzy_quickstart_1.5.10.zip
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